Build a life you love by doing what you are!

You were put on earth to create something special and you know deep down that it's possible to earn a great living doing what you love. Whether this is your full time gig or your passion project, you're ready to heed the call, ignore nay sayers and choose yourself. This is huge. 

If you're serious about loving more of what you do and doing more of what you love, Coaching is where it's at! 

 While you'll certainly receive all the guidance you need to align your desires with action, we'll also build unstoppable marketing strategies that feel 100% authentic to who you are! You'll learn how to streamline operations for efficiency, flow and ultimately,  financial freedom!

What you'll gain:

  • A crystal-clear vision for your business.
  • Content consulting to help you craft the exact right message for your mission. I'll help you define who your ideal customer are and will help you build a powerful online platform so they come to you! This is where you are going to see your business really come to life online
  • A step-by-step plan to monetize your dream and teach you how spread the word about what you offer in a wholehearted, generous way. This makes sales feel more like a natural extension of who you are, rather than feeling gross and slimy.  
  • Help streamlining operations and prioritizing tasks for maximum efficiency (work smarter not harder). 
  • An objective eye to help you see how your blocks or blind spots might be holding you back, and will help you find the tools to grow through them. This might be the #1 reason coaching can help you rock your life and business!
  • Help you remember that you are amazing and can totally do this, because I truly believe in you. 


How it works...

I offer three main coaching services, but of course you can mix and match...

#1 - One Day Slam Session: This is not your typical ongoing coaching gig. In a Slam Session we spend a whole day together digging in and diving deep. I get to learn all about what lights you up and makes you tick. I take a snapshot of where you are in your life/business and then, together, we build a complete strategy that you can then execute on your own. This is great for the real mover-shaker types who are already self-directed and self-disciplined, but simply need personalized strategies to accelerate growth.  

#2 - 10 Months of One 2 One Coaching: This begins with a mini slam where we spend two hours assessing the situation and clarifying your goals. We then connect for one hour per week, either by phone or video chat to work through any challenges you may have along the way to keep moving you toward your highest vision of success. This is best for those who work best with more consistent support. As this is also a much more comprehensive coaching method, I only work with a few select individuals at a time, after an application process where we deem that we share a common vision and are a great match. 

#3 - Content Consulting: If you want to stand out in the modern world, you've got to make sure that your online presence clearly shows off who you are and what you offer in a way that converts casual web browsers into paying customers! In a typical content consultation, I look at what you've already got (namely, your website) and teach you how to improve your copy, clarify your branding message and how to get people to engage, and ultimately buy what you offer. This service is designed according to your individual content needs. 

Visit me on to learn more about my content/copy services! 

Why Me?

The simplest answer is that I am you!

I mean, I've been there! I'm still there. As a serial creative entrepreneur I know what it's like to start with an inspired idea and follow the path to profit. From the dance productions I created in my 20's, to starting a boutique catering company from scratch in NYC, and building a successful massage therapy practice, to creating a fulfilling career as a  writer, editor, speaker and coach...I know what it takes to choose yourself and make things happen! 

Most importantly, I know how to help you stand out and create an online presence that aligns with who you are so you can share what you do best with more people. And when it comes to charting a course to success, there is no cookie cutter strategy. I most enjoy getting to know what makes you tick, hearing about your highest vision for success and then helping you align with the right strategies to reach your goals. 

I know how amazing it feels when your divine purpose and talents align with what you do all day for money. I also know that it can be scary as hell. I had to try a lot of things to see what worked. Sometimes I failed and sometimes I flourished, but I always learned something valuable. Now I get to use all that hard-won knowledge and experience to help YOU navigate your way to success. 

Who you are...

  • You have a service based business. Maybe you're a health or fitness coach,  therapist, photographer, personal chef, health care practitioner, get the idea! 
  • You are committed to doing the work. I can only guarantee success if you do your part. Is it easy? Nope! is it worth it? You betcha!
  • You are either in the beginning stages of your business and are tired of feeling your way through the dark, or you've been in the biz for a while, but are feeling stagnant and are ready to accelerate to the next level.
  • You are connected to your WHY. You have a deep desire to do good work in the world and know that growing your business means making a bigger impact. 

We're not a match if you...

  • Are not willing to do anything new or different than you've done in the past.
  • Are all talk and no action and are more committed to staying comfortable than doing what it takes to grow. 
  • Are an energy vampire, because I ain't got time for that. Love you, though. 

Really, the only way to know if coaching is a good fit for you is by jumping on a 30 minute FREE call with me to see if we click!

Connect with me below for your free consultation!

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