Savage women in community

Meet-Up in Austin

It's time to kill the elevator pitch and build a community based on authentic connection. In short...just come as you are!

Lemme'd like to have a place where you can get some soul food and make real connections with a bunch of high-vibe, like minded, savvy women like yourself, but the idea of a attending salesy networking groups wearing a sticker that says, "Hello My Name is..." and then trying to quickly let others know why you a giant turn-off! 

In the Savage Women Community, we already know that you are a magical being with a full access pass to awesome, and you don't have to do anything to prove it. 

Let your freak flag fly!

Join us on the first Tuesday of every month, as we gather together to listen to the words of inspiring speakers who know a thing or two about health and wellness, entrepreneurship, passion projects, manifesting abundance and and how to give it all back.

Bring your challenges. Bring your expertise. Leave with inspiration, motivation and a feisty tribe of badass co-conspirators to join you on your quest.  

And I've really been practicing your elevator pitch, but your sassy self- synopsis is no good here. So if you really must bring your best one-liner...for the love of God, please make it a joke!


Our next gathering for Savage Women in Community is Tuesday, February 12th, 7pm - 9pm! Click the pic or the link above for details and registration!


Can't hang out in real time, but want to join the party? Sign on to the This Savage Life Facebook Page to hang out anytime, anywhere!