Get Clear or Go Home

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It's just after the new year and this week I noticed myself falling into a total funk. I started feeling like all the things I really want to do with my life require far more time and bandwidth than I currently have while working full time and parenting.

How am I supposed to work on my blog and finish my book and get back into shape when I already wake up early just to do tasks all day for other people until I drop? As it is I get up at 5:20 am to squeeze in a short meditation, some free writing and a few minutes to look at shoes on Pinterest, before swimming up stream all day long.

I think back to my college days at UT where I took a full class load, got good grades, worked in a restaurant, danced and performed in a modern dance company and spent a large portion of my nights closing the bars down. How the hell did I do all of that? Well, on one hand, I was 20 years younger and childless. Also, I now prefer to feeling healthy and vibrant rather than doing things that require someone to hold my hair back. 

The truth is, it's not time or energy I lack to do what I really want to do. What's been missing a nitty-gritty-super-specific vision of what I really want. Without that, it's impossible to turn a dream into a reality. My hazy dream has produced equally  blasée results. 

So how do I get from here to there? There is always going to be something that can get in the way...a sick kid, an extra busy work week, a partner who needs my attention, menstrual cramps, crushing self-doubt and fear of failure, chips. I have an array of excuses I use to rationalize why I'm not living the baddassiest life I can be.

Yes, I realize I can cut out the Pinterest and get up at 4:00am, but there's something else I did that is more effective and way more enjoyable. 

In working with the law of attraction, I started playing the "as if" game. The idea is to have the feelings that you want to have after something has happened, before it actually happens, thus drawing it into your reality. I's super woowoo, but that's how it works. 

Recently, I had the luxury of breaking away from my tribe for a few hours to walk around the lake (my happy place) and then hole up in my favorite coffee shop to play "as if." To do this I wrote in a very specific way about my life as if I had already done the things I want to be successful at. I went into great detail and really felt the way it will feel when I have already accomplished what I'm setting out to do.

How is this different than playing make believe? It's not! But this is what happens next...

When you get YOU into alignment with your deepest desires, you are magnetized  to the opportunities that make them come true. It doesn't require as much force, struggle or discipline to achieve them when you have just told God/the universe/source energy what you're up to. The universe already knows your purpose for being on the planet and when you finally declare that you're on board, it's like, "Finally! I thought you'd never shut up about your lame doubts and excuses. Let's go be awesome already!"

I recommend picking an area of your life that could really use some improvement. (Hint - it's probably the thing you made a New Year's Resolution about that's already floundering.) Picture what your ultimate vision of success would feel like in that area and then write about it like the thing you want most has already happened. Get really specific. 

Picture yourself running into an old friend and when they ask what you're up to you can say something to the effect of, "I just met the love of my life. Or, I just sold my start-up and retired early. Or, I just built an entire IKEA shelving system without losing my shit." The goal is yours and so are your feelings of joy that precede  achieving it! Repeat this daily! 

I know all this can sound like the kind wishful thinking bull crap that makes my parents roll their eyes and wonder how I failed to inherit the gene for hard work. Let's be clear - you may have to work your ass off to achieve your goal. You also might not. IF something is destined to happen (which is another conversation for later) and you live "as if" it's already happened, the chances of it happening faster and easier are much more likely. 

Don't be discouraged when obstacles show up. Last night, just as I was about to publish this blog, my screen froze and I lost an hour of work. In the past I probably would have thought it was a sign to quit. If you face an obstacle, it's not a sign from the universe telling you to give up. It may not mean anything at all. Computer screens freeze. Things get lost all the time and we don't take it personally. 

Just get really clear about what you want, feel "as if" it has already happened, and then show up every day and be that most joyful and successful person you dream of - even if your current reality indicates otherwise. 

Still don't believe it works? The fact that you just read to the end of this fairly lengthy blog proves that it does! You just participated in making my intention into my truth and I am grateful!

I'd love for you to tell me about your aspirations and how using the "as if" exercise has helped you along the way. If you find this helpful, please share it with a friend who could use some gentle inspiration or a kick in the rear. 

It's time to get clear or go home, folks. The time it now!

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