Following Your Dream is Your JOB

While some people seem to live without urgency to do anything in particular, I am forever plagued by the feeling that time is running out; time to explore and experience everything this good life has to offer, and time to do whatever amazing thing it is that I was put on the earth to do, my job with a capital J, if you will. I just don’t want this life to slip past without doing something important that is both the full expression of my creativity and the highest gift I can give to the world. A tall order to fill? Oh, yeah!

Know if You're on the Right Track

That we are instilled with a particular interest or desire is the work of the divine. It is how we know our purpose on the planet, whether these passions lead to paid work or a life well lived. Sometimes it feels like we might not survive our passions; those things that well up within us and must be done no matter what. With the many options and obstacles in this world, how are we supposed to embark on a path that is difficult to see clearly?